Mold FAQ

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Why does mold grow despite my home remedy?

Mold thrives on wet wood, damp insulation, and wallboard exposed to water. While small patches can be cleaned up with easy home remedies, larger areas may require professional clean-up services and/or costly repair or replacement. Georgia residents who suffer from damages or medical symptoms brought on by mold exposure should consult with an Atlanta litigation attorney experienced in arguing mold damage cases.

What are the health concerns related to mold?

Studies of medical injury from mold continue to reveal new information. Fast growing and hard to eradicate, mold aggravates the health of those with respiratory problems, such as asthma, allergies, chronic lung disease, and compromised immune systems. The Atlanta injury lawyers at The Law Office of Jason T. Schneider stay informed on the latest studies and medical reports.

Once established, mold spores create mycotoxins, some potent enough as to be labeled as carcinogenic. Inhaled airborne mold spores may settle in the lungs, triggering breathing difficulty and causing infection that leads to death. The personal injury and wrongful death lawyers at The Law Office of Jason T. Schneider consult with allergists and pulmonary specialists to establish evidence of damages and assess worth.

Some Mold Problems are Caused by Faulty Materials. A GA Product Liability Attorney Will Help Clients Recover Damages

The mold specialist said my house was built with substandard materials. Who is at fault for that?

The Atlanta personal injury attorneys at The Law Office of Jason T. Schneider hold architects, contractors, engineers, and inspectors, as well as material suppliers responsible for your damages from poor installation or structural defect. Mold can get a foothold in buildings through sub-standard materials and poor exhaust or ventilation. If the builder of your home used a recalled product or poorly made product, you may have grounds for a product liability claim. The product liability attorneys at The Law Office of Jason T. Schneider have the experience you need to face down the opposing side and make them pay for the damages they have caused you.

Renting a House with a Mold Problem? Ask an Atlanta Premises Liability Lawyer for Help

If I am harmed by mold, but don’t own the property, do I have any recourse?

Yes. Whether home, workplace, or school, Georgia residents have the right to expect landlords, employers, and private and government entities to maintain their property, responding to and eradicating hazardous conditions. If they choose to ignore an on-going problem, causing damage to you or your children, let an Atlanta premises liability lawyer look into code violations and deal with insurance matters on your behalf. Owners (including prior owners who failed to disclose), associations, property managers, and landlords are all possible at-fault parties.

If you’ve suffered damages due to mold conditions caused because of negligence, contact an Atlanta injury attorney at The Law Office of Jason T. Schneider for a free consultation and evaluation of your claim.