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Whether you’ve suffered personal injury because of someone else’s deliberate act or negligence, you are entitled to recovery for your expenses, pain and suffering and, in certain cases, punitive damages. Georgia residents depend on the representation of the professional Atlanta personal injury lawyers at The Law Office of Jason T. Schneider for personalized attention paired with experience and an on-going record of successful recoveries and settlements.

Unlike many law firms, we limit our practice to representing solely personal injury victims, ensuring clients of a focus that is always on the client, not the defendant or insurance company. Whether you need a skilled attorney for a dangerous drug case or you require the services of a diminished value lawyer, The Law Office of Jason T. Schneider has a reputation for firm negotiation and arbitration as well as professional litigation representation in Georgia courts and is well-respected. Because of our community standing, opposing counsel knows that stall tactics and other avoidance maneuvers won’t work. We quickly put a halt to such attempts and steer negotiation back to the real topic: responsibility.

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Serving all of metro Atlanta, the injury litigation attorneys at The Law Office of Jason T. Schneider understand how devastating injury and wrongful death can be on victims and their families. From unexpected side effects of dangerous drugs and medical devices to the shock of other life altering accidents, we don’t lose sight of the breadth of damages, including future expenses, such as on-going/long-term medical and personal care, as well as modifications for permanent injury.

Have you suffered catastrophic injury, physical, mental, and emotional damage because of the negligence or deliberate misconduct of another? Whether you’ve suffered because of a car, motorcycle, boat, or tractor trailer collision or have been sentenced to diminished enjoyment of life because of a defective product or permanent medical malpractice injury, amputation, or disfigurement, it’s important to hire a Georgia injury lawyer with the experience and history of successful results in the field of your injuries.

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The loss of a loved one due to wrongful death caused by the reckless behavior of another oftentimes leaves a family stunned and unprepared for the resulting loss. That’s when they need a skilled Atlanta wrongful death lawyer most. There may be complex questions concerning your case or claim. We save you unnecessary time and money, working within the legal system to move your case along without sacrificing fair compensation. We know how to bring all the facts to light and how to present them in a way that is favorable to you. Call today for a consultation with an experienced and respected Atlanta wrongful death attorney at The Law Office of Jason T. Schneider today.